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Mold Removal Colorado Springs

Licensed and trained mold remediation specialists in Colorado Springs Colorado and surrounding areas.

Mold Removal Colorado Springs

Welcome to Mold Removal Colorado Springs! We are a successful mold removal company and have been for many years! Are you just worn tired of having mold in your home? Are you unsure that you have mold? Well here’s a couple things to think about. Do you have allergies or some kind of cold when you shouldn’t have them?

Well mold gives you those same symptoms! Whether its mold spores in the air or on surfaces or in the wall and you just can’t see them they are harmful to your body. We are here to help eliminate those problems for you and to make you feel good as new and in a healthy environment again!

Just some of the services Colorado Springs Mold Removal provide are mold removal, mold tests, mold clean up, mold specialists and much more!

About Mold Removal Colorado Springs

One of our biggest goals in our company to do and have kept is being an insured business for all! We don’t want any customers to come and find that they can’t be insured through us and feel like we let them down. We want anyone to feel like they can come to us.

We only have certified employees work for us. If they aren’t already certified they go through the proper testing and classes needed to become so. We want our customers to have a professional at the job at all times and no rookie that doesn't know what he/she is doing.

Communication is key in everything. That includes work and with our customers. If our customers aren’t satisfied it is very important for us to have them express to us what's wrong and what is going on. We don’t find the job to be done right until we know they are happy.

Our company is most popular in our area compared to the other mold removal companies in Atlanta. Reason is because of our affordable costs, great customer service, and quick workers. No one likes someone taking up their time that isn’t planned on and so we make sure to be fast.

Why Choose Colorado Springs Mold Removal

In the past we have always been told how much people appreciate our positive and upbeat vibes. They loved how no matter how much they had to do that day or how much work needed to be done at their place our employees always stayed happy and with a positive attitude towards our customers.

Our company is one of the oldest ones in the city. We have been around for so long and know friendly faces of those we have helped. Any time you call we are always available to set up an appointment for you and have an inspection done and or tests done if needed in your home.

We are able to give you a free estimate of the cost of what you’re looking at. We can even find out how much it’d cost after your insurance is put in so you actually know how much will be coming out of pocket.

Just some important mold removal services Colorado Springs provides:

  • Certified employees
  • Insured company
  • Clean up after ourselves well
  • Repair things to original state
  • Affordable money rates
  • Free estimates
  • New products (never been used)
  • Professional environment made
  • Take care of mold with caution
  • Available 24/7
  • Give tips and tricks on minor mold problems
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What to Expect from Mold Removal Colorado Springs

Mold Removal Companies in Colorado Springs all vary on how they may do things and how their products are. But we keep ours new and up to date. We make sure to stay stocked up on our products as much as possible. We even make sure to have older products in stock just in case our customers specifically request it.

Customers have loved how quick and thorough at the same time we have been able to do the testing and inspection tests of mold in their home. Mold testing Colorado Springs is something people need to have more of an open mind to.

Many end up thinking if they can’t see it, it must not be there, but that's just not the case. Seeing isn’t everything. A lot of the time mold is in the air hiding in plain sight. Your body gets affected by these little toxic things and people need to take it much more seriously, because it's your body that it is harming.

A lot of the time to be aware of our mold inspection Colorado Springs will also go through and make sure that there are no other mold problems around that you may not be aware of. It would stink to get rid of mold you knew about, but had other mold lurking around that you had no idea was even there.

At the end of each job Colorado Springs mold remediation will be the next step. They will help give you a remedy and knowledge of how to keep mold gone and from having it come back into your home. They will just be little natural tips and tricks that you may be unaware of that you can do to help your home from growing more mold.

Mold Removal Colorado Springs Services

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Mold Remediation & Removal

After the test is done mold removal kicks into gear and starts getting rid of all the nasty stuff that is causing the toxic environment in your home. For each mold it has to be handled differently depending on where it is in your home.

If it is in the wall depending on how minor or major the mold is the section of the wall may have to be removed completely. If the mold is growing on a surface especially with grout or tile you can spray it with the disinfectant needed and scrub at it.

Mold Remediation Colorado Springs is the most important step! This is what seals the deal! This is what helps prevent mold from coming back to that area. It is important to listen to what our workers have to say for advice on how to keep it out.

Doing this will keep you well and your home well. We make sure this remedy is a guaranteed working system so you aren’t let down and so that the mold remains terminated.

colorado springs mold testing colorado springs mold inspection

Mold Inspections & Testing

Mold Inspection is an important key that our workers do to make sure they are aware of all and any mold that may be in your home and so that none is left unseen.

Mold testing is the next step after the inspection of mold is done. When this process is done the test helps find out how major the fungus is and how much there is. You never want to miss a piece of it because it makes it that much easier for it to just keep producing more.

About Colorado Springs Colorado

Colorado Springs is at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. It is known for its trails and parks. Tourists love coming there and looking at all the scenery. The sales tax rate is 8.1% and the income tax rate is 4.6%. The population of Colorado Springs is 472,688.

The cities surrounding Colorado Springs is:

  • Pueblo, CO.
  • Castle Rock, CO.
  • Fountain, CO.
  • Canon City, CO.
  • Cimarron Hills, CO.
  • Fort Carson, CO.
  • Black Forest, CO.
  • Air Force, CO.
  • Many other surrounding areas


I have never had a customer service experience go as amazing as it did with Mold Removal Colorado Springs. I had major water damage done to my floors because of a pipe bursting so it took several days to resolve the issue, but it was no hassle having the crew over fixing it. They did the work in an efficient amount of time and were very good at communicating. They sat down and did a guide line plan with me as to what would be happening and what they would have to do. They gave me a free estimate of the cost and showed me how much the cost would be after going through my insurance and I loved knowing how much I would have to pay in advance and it was worth every penny. Thanks again!

- Brian Z.

I moved into a new house and I was getting raging headaches all the time! I went down to the basement and realized I could smell mold, I called Mold Removal Colorado Springs and they were over in literally about 20 minutes! They came down and inspected the wall and tested it to see how much mold there was and how big or small the problem was.

They ended up determining that the mold was so bad that they had to take out a section of my drywall and replace it to even get rid of the mold. They did just that and helped get me set up with a ventilation in the basement and a way for natural light to get in to avoid having to encounter that problem again! Thanks so much!

- Christen D.

I had a minor mold problem that just kept coming back no matter what. I ended up learning that clorox wipes make mold worse, not better! They told me some tips and tricks as to how to get rid of my small mold problem and it didn’t cost me a dime! They were so kind to share the information with me and my mold is gone now!

- Lizzy P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for someone to remove mold?

This depends on how big or small the mold problem is. Contact us so we can come take a look!

How long does it take for mold to affect you?

It is a slow but surely thing, it doesn’t just hit you over night. It just starts little by little and gets worse and worse. But so it usually begins to affect you as soon as you start breathing it in.

How do you know if it's black mold or regular mold?

Literally the only difference is the color. So if the mold is black then its black mold, plain and simple.

What are signs of having mold in your home?

Signs you have mold in your house is if you have itchy eyes, itchy and sore throat, running nose, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, congestion, headaches, watery eyes and itchy skin. There are a few other signs, but pretty much if you are having symptoms like a cold or allergies it may be mold if the problem doesn’t go away.

How long do mold spores live on fabric?

The mold spores stay living on the fabric until it is decontaminated, they don’t die eventually on their own. They have to have a detoxification process done to them.

How much does mold removal cost?

Give us a call for a free instant quote!

Is removing mold dangerous?

Yes, please call us to help you remove your mold.

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